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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Finding the Right College Does Matter

Dear Parents,

A Princeton Review poll indicates nearly half of all students' greatest worry is finding the best match for college. Recent college admission rates show both parents and students more than a little concerned over getting into the right college. These are valid concerns. The right college affects:

• A student's choices and path in life
• The quality of their social network and career connections

In our global society, change is the only constant; the best strategy for change is an education that offers numerous and high quality options towards a career or graduate school.

Some important facts to understand about college:

• College is the second largest investment after buying a home
• It’s an investment with high returns--on average about 2 million over a lifetime
• Decisions about where to go are not always wise: 1 in 3 students transfer and only half finish in four years
• College counselor/student ratios are 300:1 at public schools and 200:1 among private schools
• Each year, 100,000 new high school students compete for places; college admission has never been more difficult

While grades and test scores matter, they don't guarantee admission. More crucial to success is that students demonstrate their value to each college. In 2007, 93% of College Match clients were accepted to their first choice school (chances without using our service are about 51%); the average merit award was $17,366.

College Match, which has been featured in Newsweek, Seattle Magazine and GreatSchools.net, helps students appeal to the college of their dreams.

• We develop key “proof points” that communicate each student’s value through each application to each college
• College Match takes a holistic, yet strategic, approach to working with students: Our consultants work one-on-one with students to discover their unique skills and abilities so that colleges will value each admission application
• We have a unique process that implements special tools to highlight the qualities that College Match’s applicants offer

College Match offers a 20 minute presentation called, “Navigating the College Admission Maze” students and parents have found quite useful. We have been very successful in presenting at high school “college nights” or other relevant discussions on college admissions topics.

We would be pleased to share with you how College Match can help your student achieve their educational and life goals.

David Montesano
Admission Strategist
College Match US
(877) 658-4400

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