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Friday, August 23, 2013

Finding The Right Match: A Six-Part Video Series

Part 1, College Match US founder David Montesano explains the importance of determining your career path and how that can help determine the right college match for you.

Part 2, David Montesano explains the six different categories of colleges any student may be interested in.

Part 3, David Montesano explains the factors involved with finding the best college match that will help you be most successful in your career path.

Part 4, David Montesano explains the the new rules of college admission from the point of view of the colleges themselves to help students determine what will make them stand out in the applicant pool.

Part 5, David Montesano explains why setting yourself apart from the rest of the applicants and determining what makes you unique is so vital in the application process.

Part 6, College Match US founder David Montesano explains the process for any student to maximize the amount of merit money they could be awarded from their college of choice.

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