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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Does getting into the right private school require the same skills as getting into the right college?

Yes! Just like colleges, private schools want students who LOVE learning, and who have a demonstrated academic and extracurricular achievement record.

As a kindergarten – 12th grade educational consultant based in competitive New York City, I coach students on how best to impress admissions directors. I coach parents too, because the younger students are, the more the parents matter.

Here’s one of my recent cases: a student who speaks three languages, plays piano and soccer, and studied abroad, in China. How old was this student?


Let’s just say that once I helped her parents with their application essays and interviews, this girl was not too hard to place in a top Manhattan private school.

Another client was more challenging. Applying for 9th grade, he had no solid interests other than playing Wii and arguing with his mother. Neither the boy nor his mother were sure how to package this for private school admissions directors.

Eventually, we settled on a fast-track CV building plan including technology camp, computer classes, tennis lessons, and debate. The best part was that not only was the student accepted to a private school he loves, but now he’s on the path to college admissions success.

So whether your child is applying to kindergarten or to college, remember that the principle is the same. Every school wants a motivated, enthusiastic student.

Emily Glickman, President of Abacus Guide Educational Consulting (www.abacusguide.com), a top New York City K-12 consulting firm, sent us this. Emily can be reached at info@abacusguide.com or (212) 712-2228. She blogs at www.abacusmom.com .

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